The Seal of Liberty
America's Quest
for the
Lost Treasure of Freemasonry

A book by Adam Schneider
Copyright © 2015 All Rights Reserved

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By 1713, a secret plan was underway in the American colonies to found the Land of Liberty, with the exact location of its future capital already chosen.

That plan was encoded in a map, revealed here for the first time, which illuminates George Washington's profound aspiration for Liberty.

A continuous crescendo with twists during the ascent—you won't see this book coming. Your assumptions about Freemasonry, religious symbolism, and Liberty will be tested. It all begins humbly with a simple quest for treasure.

"The Seal of Liberty" is a systematic revelation delivered as the original enigmatic craftsmen of Masonry intended—a treasure quest, a spiritual journey, and an intellectual discovery—that solves one of the world's most enduring mysteries.

Mysteries Solved

The Seal of Liberty is the first non-circumstantial proof (beyond all reasonable doubt) of a secret Freemason plan in motion.

Oak Island and the Newport Tower are unquestionably Masonic.

The Statue of Liberty is quantifiably identified.

The secret purpose, philosophy, and deceptions of Freemasonry are revealed.

Questions Answered

"Several hundred years ago, unknown persons undertook an ambitious effort to devise a complex philosophy and to create intricate rituals that narrate that philosophy. They masked their ideology behind layers of geometric, astrological, and religious symbols, and then they shrouded it all within a secret society. Why did these persons do this?"

Why are Freemasonry and treasure quests seemingly inseparable?

Did the system of Freemasonry, and not merely some of its members, lead the American Colonies to their eventual liberation from tyranny?

The First Clue

In 1981, Oak Island resident and treasure seeker Fred Nolan observed that several large stones on Oak Island were emplaced by humans to form the shape of a cross. This structure is often called Nolan's Cross.

The vertical column of this cross points directly at the Newport Tower. If you attempt to verify this fact using Google Earth you will fail. Why? You are using a modern mapping tool to examine a Colonial-era map. Read chapter 2 ("The Path") of The Seal of Liberty.

The Second Clue

If you were standing in front of the George Washington Masonic National Memorial in Alexandria, Virginia, and you were facing its front door, then you would be facing 279 degrees (relative to north). If you turned clockwise 66 degrees, then you would be facing the same direction as the Alexandria War Dead Monument across the street. If you turned clockwise another 66 degrees, then you would be facing the Statue of Liberty and the Emmet Obelisk in lower Manhattan (see cover of The Seal of Liberty).

The GW Masonic Memorial, the Statue of Liberty, and the Emmet obelisk are all perfectly aligned along a 51-degree azimuth. Numerous details reveal that this alignment was intentional and symbolically important. Why was this done? Read The Seal of Liberty.

If you attempt to verify this alignment using Google Earth you will fail. Chapter 2 ("The Path") of The Seal of Liberty explains why.

Front Cover Description

Manhattan’s Freedom Tower is perfectly aligned with the Emmet obelisk, which are both aligned with the solstices. The tower ascends exactly 303 degrees from the obelisk. Emmet’s bust looks down Broadway, which bears exactly 33 degrees. The obelisk’s longitude is 74°00'33.0" W, which is exactly 3-degrees east of the U.S. Capital Building.

Truth, Not Conspiracy

Why is Freemasonry often linked to ideas about the "sacred feminine," such as theories pertaining to Mary Magdalene? The answer has nothing to do with goddess worship or restoring an ancient pagan belief system, as is often speculated. One sees what one wants to see. Though, it is not a coincidence that George Washington (a Freemason) chose to put Washington DC between VIRGINia and MARYland.
"In MAsonRY, the virgin withholds the treasure that you seek." —The Seal of Liberty

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All maps were generated using Mathematica v10. The code to conduct this analysis is found in The Seal of Liberty. All photographs were taken by the author. All rights reserved.